Apprenticeship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial mindset and competences

The model focuses on the six main competence areas of entrepreneurship:

  • - Opportunity: the ability to recognise, find, envision and take advantages from opportunities
  • - Organising: the ability to lead, control, monitor, organise and develop the firm’s resources
  • - Strategic: the ability to formulate a clear vision of goals and to develop the strategies to achieve them
  • - Relationship: interactive abilities to establish trusted relationships through communication, interpersonal and persuasive skills which are essential especially in small enterprises
  • - Commitment: the ability to take the initiative assuming a proactive and committed orientation
  • - Conceptual: analytical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving and risk-management capabilities.

The model is based on the adoption of problem-based learning methods with gamification elements. The adoption of these two innovative learning techniques supports the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and the building of a different mental dispose to innovation and creation. Moreover, the work-based learning approach develops crucial awareness and connections with real life and allows learners to create and run a business, be tested by challenges and setbacks, take leaps and reap rewards, all in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment that is completely risk-free.

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Trainers Guide

The objectives of the trainers’ guide are:

  • - to prepare and train trainers from VET providers and companies understanding the notion of entrepreneurial spirit
  • - to build capacity of trainers to transfer the entrepreneurial spirit to apprentices
  • - to integrate traditional business management teaching with innovative learning approaches (e.g. problem based learning and gamification)
  • - to present and promote the apprenticeship model developed
  • - to identify and present successful apprenticeship stories derived by the experimentation phase in partner countries
  • - to develop a trainers guide for VET providers and companies, which offers a set of instructions, suggestions and successful examples in partners countries to enhance the apprenticeship programme among new coming enterprises
  • - to demonstrate the wide applicability of the apprenticeship model to every sector and country.

The training programme mirrors the pedagogical learning objectives, which are:

  • - to learn ‘about’ entrepreneurship
  • - to learn ‘in’ entrepreneurship
  • - to learn ‘for’ entrepreneurship.

The guide provides as annex a template for enterprises/VET trainers to follow for the apprenticeship programme design.

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"VET – company partnerships for apprenticeships" guide

The Guide focuses on the creation of partnerships, between VET providers and companies for the successful implementation of the apprenticeship model for entrepreneurship.

The objectives are:

  • - to promote the notion of VET-companies partnerships at local level
  • - to support the creation of partnerships with practical tools
  • - to promote the apprenticeship model for the development of entrepreneurial spirit
  • - to prepare the ground for the piloting activities to experiment and validate the apprenticeship model
  • - to promote partnerships among VET schools and enterprises
  • - to develop a “VET – company partnerships for apprenticeships” guide.

The “VET-company partnerships for apprenticeships” guide encourages and supports local companies and VET centres to join the partnership and adopt the apprenticeship model. The guide presents practical support for the creation of partnerships and successful stories in various sectors on the basis of the pilots.

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